Finals / Test Encouragement Care Package

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What's Included:


  • You have learned all the pieces now put them together (Reece's Pieces)
  • Don’t let the tests drive you bananas (Banana or Banana Laffy Taffy)
  • It’s CRUNCH time show what you know! (Crunch Bar)
  • You are one smart cookie (Cookies)
  • You're no airhead! Good Luck (Airhead candy)
  • Use your smarties on the test! (Smarties)
  • 100% (Skor bar)
  • Blow your tests out of the water! (Blow Pop)
  • You rock! (Pop Rocks)
  • Rock your tests (Pop Rocks)
  • You are on a roll! Keep up the good work. (Rolo)
  • You have this in the bag! (Small Bag of Chips)
  • Time to show off MOUNDS of learning. (Mounds Bar)
  • Kiss your jitters goodbye! (Hershey Kisses)
  • The answers will POP into your head. (Microwave popcorn)
  • Keep your mind fresh and crisp (Apple)
  • Make sure you ‘CHEX’ your work (Chex Mix)
  • Your EXTRA work is about to pay off! (Extra Gum)
  • Testing has o’fish’ally started. (Goldfish Crackers, Swedish Fish)
  • Work hard and raise the bar! (Granola Bar, Nutrition Bar Candy Bar)
  • Don't worry you will do M&M magnificent and marvelous (M&Ms)
  • Work hard NOW and play LATER (Now and Later Candy)
  • Stick with your strategies! (Cheese Stick, Slim Jim type item in a stick, gum)
  • Donut worry you have this! (Donuts)
  • Stay sharp and do your best! (Pencils, Sharpies)
  • A little encourageMINT for you. (Anything mint flavored)
  • You are bursting with knowledge! (Starburst)
  • You are red hot! Show what you got! (Hot Tamales, Red Hots, Hot Cheetos)
  • Pencils are #2 because you are number #1 (pencils)
  • CHEWS your answers carefully! (Chews candy)
  • Put your best foot forward. (Fruit by the Foot, Cozy Socks)
  • Just a note to say you'll do great! (post-it notes)
  • #EAT SLEEP STUDY (Gift card to a favorite restaurant, Sleep Mask)
  • You're on the right trail! (Trail mix)
  • Hoping finals are 'BEAR'able! (Gummy Bears)
  • Stick with it and never give up (Gum, Post-it Notes, Pretzel sticks)
  • Erase your fears, you're doing great! (Eraser)
  • You're a star (Starbucks gift card, Starbursts)
  • Beef up your study habits! (Beef Jerky)
  • You're Sharp! (Pencils, Sharpies)
  • You're 'Scent'sational! (Essential Oils, Room Spray, Candle)
  • You deserve a break! (KitKat Candy Bar)
  • Here's the SCOOP! You're amazing. (Ice Cream Gift Card)
  • RELAX (Stress ball)
  • Treat Yourself (Favorite treat, Gift Card)
  • Just add water (Flavored Water Powder)
  • You’re on fire! (Hot Cheetos, Something Spicy)
  • Acing the tests will be a treat! (Rice Krispie Treat)


  • Packed With
  • LoveYou Got This!
  • Finals Survival Kit!


  • Good luck Crunch the exams


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