50 Puntastic Gift Tags

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50 gift tags with the following sayings along with gift ideas:

  • “You’re the bomb” 
  • “I like hanging out with you”
  • “I’m bananas for you” 
  • “You are one of a kind”
  • “You pull at my heart!” 
  • “I think you are purrr-fect!” 
  • “I’m stuck on you!” or “Let’s stick together!”
  • “No bones about it you are top dog”
  • “It is ‘ruff’ when you are not around”
  • “You wrote the book on being cool!”
  • “I dig you!” – Package treats with a small plastic shovel.
  • “I am ‘TOADally’ yours”
  • “You are a keeper”
  • “You rev me up”
  • “I am hog wild for you” 
  • “You ‘moo-ve’ me!”
  • “I would ‘quack’ up without you”
  • “You blow me away”
  • “You are the apple of my eye” 
  • “You really measure up”
  • “I’d SNAP at the chance to be your Valentine”
  • “You are the highlight of my life”  
  • “You are o’fish’ally awesome”
  • “You are a winner” 
  • “I am stuck on you” 
  • “I am stuck on you”
  • “You are EXTRA special to me”
  • “You are out of this world!” 
  • “I have my eye on you” 
  • “I am buggy for you!”
  • “You are a cut above the rest!”
  • “You melt my heart” 
  • “You mean the world to me”


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